Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coal Hill Review Publication

I have a new poem published in Vol. 7 of Coal Hill Review. This one is about internal conversation in a work place, titled, "If my co-worker asked, I'd answer." I'm pleased as a pickle to be published by Mike Simms, Editor in Chief of Autumn House Press in Pittsburgh. Autumn House has published some of my favorite books of poetry including "Lucky Wreck" by Ada Limon and "A Theory of Everything" by Mary Crockett Hill. This press does a really beautiful job. I'm a fan of their online journal too (that picked up my piece). Yes. Yes. I am so very happy to be published along side of some of my favorite people I met while in Pittsburgh. Volume 7 volume includes poems by: Athena Pappas, Siobhan Casey, Sarah Ansani, Kelly Beahm, Laura E. Davis, Dalenna Moser, and John Venturella, among others.

Go on then. Read.

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