Friday, March 11, 2011

Reading is Sexy

A certain kind of intimacy comes from watching others deep in a book/ magazine/newspaper, whether it's glancing at a complete stranger in a coffee shop, library, park, the beach, or if it comes from admiring your significant other/ crush being carried off into a completely different land created by words.

For the creeper/admirer in all of you, and to promote the appreciation of a sexy body and mind, I've put together a small compilation of websites featuring readers: Each of the photos on this post are story-worthy. Oh, the stories within the stories. those who don't like a good looking man with a book in his hand, well, they are just sad folk. blog with a very cool goal:
The goal: A hundred readers every hundred miles, everywhere the globe is populated. The arctic, not exempt—any scientific communities looking for a new project? The oceans, not exempt—forward to your friends who work on outrigger canoes, fishing vessels, oil rigs, cruise ships. The upper reaches of Siberia—not exempt!— reindeer herders read, too. A map filled up with readers would be a beautiful display of diversity, and unity. I invite you start your own sister (or brother) blog, wherever you may be. girls who create literary shenanigans in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.

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