Thursday, May 24, 2012

Typewriter Thursday

(Adorable Image By: Rebekka Seale)
I have just finished reading a batch of my students' argument in media papers that focused on the power of Internet and news, copyright laws, gaming, and all things electronic/ technological advancement, and after reading their words (funny I am reflecting here as this blog comes in the E-format), I got to thinking about writing on a typewriter, and how different their papers would be if we were focusing on media in the 70's, how much more would have gone into ignoring the backspace as much as possible (for fear of running out of correction tape). I also got to thinking about how much I love looking at typewriters: they remind me of animated creatures somehow. So after getting to thinking, I got to collecting (as I do) images of those now nostalgic mechanical devices, and I'd like to share them here, and my stories that go with them. This Cake album is one that stands out to me. I remember when I first got the Comfort Eagle cd, my sister sang along to this song with me, in a rather loud way. My favorite line was, of course, the first line. (This album also has the "We Are Building a Religion" song that my mom thought was "too weird" and turned off in a polite manner one day when we were driving together.)
A few weekends ago, I went to a wedding, and since my boyfriend was a groomsman, I had some free time to wander in an antique store, I fell upon these beauties (but thought $50 something was too much... oh the Eastern Shore in Maryland). I bought some gifts there, however, and I couldn't hold them all, so I asked if I could stack them on the cash register while I continued to look, and the very eccentric cashier told me, "Please do. I like piles." YES. Thrift stores and antique stores really do rely upon piles, and there is an art to it, the same way words sound like they are piling when being typed. And now some really great illustrations/photos (in no particular order)
Image from: A WHOLE AMAZING SITE... dedicated to typewriters.
Image by: Emily. Her work is so dreamy.
Image of how I may feel typing to all of you out there... friendly strangers though, I hope.
Found on We Heart It. This is good advice that I need to follow more often, we all should, even if it's just one line a day, and on that note:
(Image from ecojotter thoughts.) Ps. I am sure I will have another Typewriter Thursday as there are just too many fabulous images out there.

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