Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wicked Self Promotion

(Wicked Alice Fall 2010 Issue) Artwork by: Cassia Beck

I'm really excited to be included in the latest issue of Wicked Alice. I'm always intrigued by the work, editor, Kristy Bowen publishes: dreamy, sometimes horrifying, sometimes sweet, and always textual and imagery ridden poems. My favorites in this issue are Leigh Phillip's "The Ethical Slut on Your Nightstand" and Laura Dixon's "Poem for the Friend Who Packed My Husband's Closet." I'm also a fan of the experimentation of Khadijah Queen's "from Cuniculus." What it means to be a woman, for better or worse, that's what all of the poems in this issue have in common.

In other publication news, I recently received my copy of Weave Magazine's issue 4 in which my poem, "Tracing" is published. The fiction in this issue is phenomenal. Kirsty Logan's "Anchor of the Suburbs" won my fast beating heart as did Salvatore Pane's "America's Lover." The premise in "America's Lover" is so damn cool and contemporary in which the protagonist, a regular Joe (who happens to be a liar and cheat) made famous by a reality television show, goes to visit his dying father. If you buy a copy of this beauty, you won't be sad, but warning: you might fall in love with some of the work in here, in love, love (and if you don't, which would be weird, at least you'll have a pretty, pretty cover to look at).

Go here to read my poem in Wicked Alice:

Go here to buy your copy of Weave Magazine and read my poem in there too:


  1. Teresa,

    Thanks so much for the kind words. I loved "Tracing".

  2. I love Weave contributors!!! LOVE! This is so happy-making!

    <3 <3 <3

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  4. Thanks very much for the compliment, Teresa. You made my day. I really enjoyed "Bob Dylan's Lost Children." Honored to be in the issue with you!

  5. I suppose it takes the kaleidoscope in us readers to approach possible perspectives.

    I love your blog, Teresa. By the way, off-topic, do you love Broadway musicals? Just curious, my fellow writer. My favorite one is "Miss Saigon."