Monday, July 19, 2010

shady side review summer 2010 issue

Today is the Day -- Ben Kehoe

We've just released our summer 2010 issue at shady side review -- with cover art by Pittsburgher, Ben Kehoe. I love Ben's work. It's dark and surreal and playful. A nice combination. He paints creatures that beg to be touched, but look dangerous to touch, that look as if they would talk to you, but speak in another language.

I'm very excited about the literary work we've published for this issue. The fiction and non-fiction editors featured one author each. Our featured fiction writer is Amber Larson, whose work has a sharp voice and a way of drawing breath in a multitude of ways. Our featured non-fiction writer is Joshua Foster. Foster writes of rural landscape. His work makes you want to meet both him and the people in his life.

For poetry, my co-editor, Athena, and I chose a variety of writers, including: Peter Kline, Kristin Ravel, Besty Snider, Kiki Vera Johnson, JS Walter, and Joseph Reich. I'd like to think we chose work that both shocks and delights. The poems here are about boners, shoes, egotism, and strange love.

That being said, my advice is chose your drink/ cigar / lawn chair / shady place of choice and read:

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