Monday, February 6, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls, and Women

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Sometimes I am bias-- when it comes to a choice between men and women, I can't help but favor women (in literature, in advertising, and in fashion, often times my philosophical preferences are female-centric too). When I lived in Pittsburgh, I had a male friend who would sometimes call me out on my preference... err... bias nature, and I appreciated it, yet every now and again, I would hush. I do believe in equality, of course, but know I am fallible of favoring women... no! Not fallible, but happy to celebrate women in all ways.

And so: three lady-centric things I like this week:

Young Heroins in Literature . This list made me think back to my Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables reading days. I had a friend who lived on something of a farm; her family had pastures behind their house, and they kept horses and other 4H animals. I remember pulling a red wagon through their yard and pretending it was a horse covered wagon.

And on a more adult note: Sexism in advertising-- well sex sells, BUT must super hot women always be linked with the Internet consumerism? In this article, I wanted for more examples of sexist advertisements, but I might have to make that an independent project.

I fell upon Kimbra through her duet with Gotye. Her voice is phenomenal. In fact she gives me chills, and this video just blows my mind for its commentary on gender identity and the messed-up-ness of it all. The burning dolls say something like this: girls and children in general are exposed to weird ideals (of love and the like) and childhood comes melting down. The contrast of Kimbra's baby doll face and the melting plastic strikes a bazillion chords.

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