Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Publication: Ray Bans and Crooked Smiles

(Image from: Sunglass Hut Advert)

I love Modcloth; it's a natural love: they have a hip J. Peterman-esqe take on marketing: telling narratives that go along with their clothing line-- exhibiting a wonderful method of fashion writing, and they have a vintage selection, and they are Pittsburgh-based. I truly do love all things Pittsburgh (well except for the pollution and winter parking scenario).

And what adds to my love for Modcloth is their focus on literature meets fashion with their online literary magazine: The Written Wardrobe. I've been to several parties they've hosted at the AWP conference, and these ladies throw a fun-loving and sexy soiree with literary fashion trivia, generous raffle prizes, and sincere warmth.

My poem, "Not all things asymmetric are cubism" is in the latest issue. Check it out here. The 2012 issue includes Poetry by: Moi, Valerie Loveland, Wendy E. Kaplan, Sharon Munson, and Laura Sloan Patterson; Fiction by: Kashana Cauley, Jeanne Althouse, and Wayne Cresser; and Non-Fiction by: Emma Torzs, Kayla Washko (Who I know from Pittsburgh!), Jenny Sadre-Orafai, D.W. Martin, Jen LiMarzi, and Katie Marks.

Go on... indulge!

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